Good For You, Good For Nature
Mon-Sat: 07:00 - 17:00

Our weather combined with our location and innovative organic growing techniques allows us to cultivate range of organic Drumstick and other produce.

Our number one goal is to provide high quality, nutritional organic produce to satisfy the demanding retailers, wholesalers and people worldwide.  We offer superior customer service on a year round basis maintaining a consistent commitment to providing quality and on-time deliveries.

Pushpam Foods has always maintained and built long-term relationships with suppliers, staff and customers for mutual benefit. Partnering with Pushpam Foods is like having your own aayurvedic physician.


  • Is to make drumstick powder and our other products as easily accessible to consumers as possible
  • To keep the consumers healthy.
  • We strive to continue to reinvest for the future
  • To grow great crops on a great farm


  • To be our customers first choice
  • To be the experts
  • To have the best supply chain
  • To lead through innovation in farming
  • To be a great place to work
  • To drive our customers growth and health
  • To fully understand our customers and their needs


When it comes to innovation, the goal is simple; we continuously strive to produce and supply the best produce and get it to its destination quickly. Innovation runs through the whole of Pushpam Foods from the farms to the IT department. Years of experience and a desire to be the best drives us to set new standards in the way our produce is grown, processed and supplied from our farms to your table. Our Innovation Aims:

  • To lead the way for product innovation
  • Deliver new products to the market first
  • Bridge the gap from the farm to consumer
  • Move faster