Good For You, Good For Nature
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From our farms to your family...Pushpam Foods is passionately focused on cultivating, grading, packing and shipping quality, nutrient-dense Asian Produce.

At Pushpam Foods we employ modern and traditional methods of growing, cooling and food safety practices like other farms, but what sets us apart is the ownership of the produce that we take all along the way.

Firstly our fields are located near our Pack-House which helps keep the products fresher. This is an important first step in ensuring that the produce you buy maintains their field fresh taste and texture.

Secondly it is our goal to cultivate, harvest, and process the highest quality and safest produce possible using proven farming techniques in addition to state of the art food safety programs.

At Pushpam Fods food safety gets top priority.

Achieving food safety is an in-depth process that starts at planting. This integrated process governs everything we do in managing our fields, along with the harvesting, packing, warehousing and cold-chain distribution of our produce which are constantly kept at optimal humidity levels and temperatures.

Pushpam is committed to quality and service 365 days of the year. and the pack house operates a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Food Safety System (HACCPS).