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Our Farm

Welcome to Pushpam Foods. Our farm is located at Kunjrao in the Anand District, with a comfortably warm weather. In short, the climate is pretty much near perfect. This is one of the best areas for growing the drumsticks and moringa plants. The land gets plenty of sunlight, has excellent drainage, and an adequate soil Ph. The rich soil and the mild climate of beautiful Kunjrao generate some of the freshest and healthiest produce year round in the market.

Our number one goal is to provide an organic line of drumsticks and moringa plants. We are hard working and dedicated to cultivating organic moringa plants. We are passionate about diverse and delicious varieties that will intrigue every palate. Our weather combined with our innovative organic growing techniques allows us to cultivate a wide range of moringa plants.

Bringing only the best from our farm to your table.

Pushpam Foods offers excellent opportunities.

Kunjrao holds a climate advantage as it is warm enough to produce crops year round. We are able to supply on a continuous stable basis even during the winter season.

Our Growers

We are cultivating and packing different types of moringa produces. We are specialist growers who over the years have developed both growing techniques and varieties to provide our customers with the best quality and flavorsome organic produces.

Pushpam Foods is growing through a combination of our own farms, joint ventures and collaborative working with dedicated grower groups, In line with our corporate social responsibilities we will always treat our growers and suppliers fairly and ask the same from our customers. To ensure that our growers continue to focus on and improve their performance, we have put in place a stringent internal auditing system to monitor the social and environmental performance of our most important growers.